Product Update: FormAssembly’s Self-Serve SAML Setup


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The FormAssembly product team is continually making new upgrades and changes to our data collection platform to improve the customer experience. In this blog, we’re sharing details about recent changes to SAML authentication.

Our new SAML setup will be self-serve and will not require systems and support assistance to configure. Read on for more information.

What’s Changing

Previously, SAML authentication could only be set up by special request. This update will empower users to configure SAML on their own without assistance from our support team. With this new update, form creators will be able to apply SAML configuration from the account level to a specific form, edit the SAML configuration for a certain form, and copy the SAML configuration from one form to another.

Users will also be able to control access to their FormAssembly instance by designating some or all of their Cloud account users to have their login delegated to a SAML Identity Provider of the Cloud account owner’s choice.

SAML settings can be accessed through the “Application Settings” page of the Admin Dashboard. There are several options for the update method when setting up SAML, including:

  • Metadata URL Endpoint
  • Metadata File
  • Manual (Advanced)

Who Will Be Impacted

Our new SAML updates will impact FormAssembly Enterprise and Compliance customers with new SAML setups. Current customer SAML setups will not be affected.

If you need any additional information about our new SAML setup and what it means for you, please reach out to our Customer Success Team or visit our help documents.

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