Secure your forms and get easier prefilling with Salesforce and LDAP Directory Authentication

Salesforce and LDAP Authentication in the Display Options panel

Now on our Enterprise Plan, you can place your forms behind a Salesforce Customer Portal or an LDAP (or Active) Directory login. Respondents will have to sign in with their Salesforce or Directory info before they reach your forms — so you’ll only get responses from authorized contacts.
So, if someone tries to access your form and can’t log in, they can’t see the form. Simple as that.
Authentication is useful when…
You want to show confidential information in the form.
Whether it’s contact information or internal business processes and company procedures, authentication keeps it private.
The form triggers a very important action.
For example, a form to request a security badge to enter The Top Secret Nuclear Research Facility. Authentication enhances security by blocking random people from access. Only verified people will be allowed to use the form.
You want the form to collect information automagically.
Let’s say, for instance, a maintenance request form for Town University. A student needs to report the broken A/C in her dorm room, so she opens the form and logs in with her Student ID and password. Now that she’s logged in, more information from the directory (or user record in Salesforce) is now available and can be used by the Prefill Connector to populate fields directly or to pull more related data (e.g. the name of the dorm resident advisor).
Next in our Enterprise Update series: the LDAP Prefill Connector!

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