3 Ways CPAs Can Make Tax Season Easier with Web Forms


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Disclaimer: As we are not CPAs, this is not official tax documentation and should be used only for general information. Please consult with your own official tax professional if you have any specific questions about your tax requirements.

If you’re a CPA, tax season may be one of the busiest times of the year for you. With deadlines approaching and multiple clients all with their own needs, there’s no room for inefficient processes or wasting time on outdated data collection. It might surprise you, but a simple, powerful web form platform offers multiple benefits to you as a CPA and can even make tax season more painless in some ways. Here are some examples of how secure website forms for accounting can help you out in your business.

1. Gather Documents

When preparing taxes for clients, you may need to gather multiple pieces of documentation, such as W2s and other tax-related forms. An alternative to gathering these forms through email is to use secure website forms for accounting that allow your clients to upload their documents and submit them to you. After submission, forms are stored in your own, secure account and can be sent to other systems you use, such as Salesforce.

2. Process E-Signatures

Did you know that, when used in accordance with the law, E-Signatures are as legally binding and valid as physical signatures? If you currently are using paper forms or documents that require a physical signature, consider transitioning those to secure website forms for accounting and enabling an E-Signature feature.

3. Track Deductions and Write-Offs

In some situations, taxes require people to track information throughout the year to have a record of things such as receipts or donations. To make this process easier, you could provide your clients with a simple to use form to track these items on an ongoing basis, which could then ease the burden at tax time.

It might not be the first thing you think of, but secure website forms for accounting can provide big benefits for CPAs in terms of process streamlining and reduction of manual data. Curious about web forms for your business? Start a free trial today.

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