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Article: “6 Reasons Why Self-Service Options Fail”
Author: George Lawton
Website/Publication: SearchCRM

Article Summary:

In the SearchCRM article written by George Lawton, he discusses:

  • The importance of establishing and maintaining good customer service for self-service online forms
  • How a poor self-service system can lead to negative results
  • Why companies utilizing self-service options should highly regard customer feedback

The Highlights:

George Lawton on the necessity of integrating good customer service into a self-service online forms model:

“Many companies have integrated self-service options into their business models, and when done right, these can vastly improve the customer experience. However, self-service initiatives can fail for a variety of reasons, caused by a number of factors. The biggest and most damaging is poor customer service.”

George Lawton on having flexibility to meet customer and business needs:

“Putting a system in place that relies on cloud and open source technology, iterates with customer data and provides accurate and relevant content can reduce time spent reworking platforms to ensure they’re up to speed and meet current needs.”

Katrina Garza, Director of Customer Success at FormAssembly, on how customer feedback yields positive outcomes:

“Customer feedback not only helps the business improve the product and the processes around the product, but it also helps customers have a better experience when these improvements and changes occur.”

The article can be in found in full here.

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