Quick, Easy Salesforce Forms with the FormAssembly Salesforce Import Tool


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You can do a lot with Salesforce and FormAssembly. Like, a LOT a lot. With the Salesforce Prefill and Submit connectors, it’s possible to customize your FormAssembly forms and their connection to Salesforce for just about any situation. With the right configuration settings, FormAssembly can whisk your data into the right locations in Salesforce.
All of this drastically reduces the time that you have to spend manually entering and managing your data in Salesforce. But sometimes you don’t need a lot of customization. You just need a simple form with a tight connection to Salesforce, and you need it fast.
That’s when FormAssembly’s Salesforce Import Tool comes into play.
FormAssembly’s Salesforce Import Tool allows you to quickly set up a form using Salesforce objects and fields. The best part is that all of the form fields you select from your Salesforce Schema are automatically mapped and connected with a Salesforce connector setup.

3 Reasons to Use the Salesforce Import Tool

If you haven’t had a chance to try out the Salesforce Import Tool, here are a few great reasons that you might want to look at it further:
1. It’s Fast
One of the great things about FormAssembly is that our forms can be as complex or as simple as you want them to be. The Salesforce Import Tool is a perfect example of the simplicity that makes FormAssembly not just a tool for better workflows, but a way to save time as well. In minutes (maybe even seconds if you get really good at it) the Salesforce Import Tool churns out simple Salesforce forms that you can style further or leave as is.
2. It’s Easy
The Salesforce Import Tool is so easy, in fact, that FormAssembly almost does the work for you. When you use the Salesforce Import Tool, you only need to select the object and corresponding field you want to collect data for and our nifty tool will do the rest of the work for you.
3. It’s Connected
Not only does the Salesforce Import Tool automatically create unstyled Salesforce forms based on your Salesforce objects, but it also connects that form to Salesforce so that you’re all set up to collect data and automatically send it to Salesforce when someone fills out one of your forms. You’ll need to do extra customization if you use multiple objects, but with one object, the Salesforce Import Tool requires no further set-up to work with Salesforce.
Got an idea on how you’d use the Salesforce Import Tool to create a simple for? Here’s how you can make your idea a reality.

Building a Form With the Salesforce Import Tool

The first step is to locate the Salesforce Import Tool, shown below on the sidebar of the FormAssembly app. Select “Import Form From Salesforce” and the next step will be to authenticate Salesforce (if you haven’t already). A few simple steps authorizes your connect to Salesforce, and then you’re all set to build Salesforce forms.

Creating the form is so easy, you barely need any experience with FormAssembly at all to do it. Simply select the object that you want your form to collect data for, then choose the fields you want your form to contain. As you build the form, a preview version will appear below the Salesforce Schema Browser. The Salesforce Import Tool will pull up your actual objects and fields from Salesforce so integration is 100% seamless.

You can also pull in multiple objects from Salesforce, but you may want to review and potentially modify the connector to make sure it abides by your preferences and expectations of data and the logic behind it mapping to Salesforce.
After you’ve chosen your objects and fields, the only other thing you need to do to launch a working form is to hit save and you’ll have a sleek, simple form with the right field types to collect the data you need. You can customize the form’s look and Salesforce integration more deeply later on, but the Salesforce Import Tool still allows you to have a fully functional form ready to receive data in just minutes.
We think the Salesforce Import Tool and the other elements of our Salesforce integration are pretty amazing. In fact, our customers tell us over and over that the seamless way we connect with Salesforce is one of their favorite things about FormAssembly and the reason they can’t do without our tool. Want to learn more about our features? Check out pricing and a plan comparison here.

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