[Webinar Recap] FormAssembly’s New Elevate Connector


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Fundraising campaigns play a large role in the success of nonprofits and higher education institutions. To further support our customers in these industries, FormAssembly now provides a streamlined integration for Elevate. In our webinar broadcast, our FormAssembly team and Elevate explained the features of FormAssembly’s Elevate Connector for fundraising and payment processing.

What you’ll learn

In the webinar, Lori Borg of provided details about Elevate for the nonprofit and education sectors. You’ll hear more about how this platform provides a management interface for donors and alumni to streamline payment processing, accounting functions, and integration of donation data directly into Salesforce. 

You’ll also hear from our team about how our powerful, flexible data collection platform integrates directly with Elevate, making it even easier for nonprofit and higher ed users to collect and process donations. FormAssembly users will be able to set up Elevate integration within just a few steps and gather one-time or recurring donations easily as well as create Salesforce-connected event signup forms, volunteer application forms, and more. 

Start streamlining fundraising today

To learn more about how your organization can take advantage of FormAssembly’s robust Elevate Connector for donations and fundraising, visit our website!

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