Salesforce Connector Updates

Now that version 2 of the Salesforce Connector has been live for some time, many of you have used it and provided feedback. As a result, we’ve recently made a couple of updates to the connector that we hope will be beneficial to you.

  1. You can now prevent overwrite with empty values.
  2. The connector no longer stops at the first object creation failure.

Prevent Overwrite with Empty Values

We’ve added an option to prevent overwriting existing data with empty fields when updating a record. Previously, when updating a record, any field left blank in the FormAssembly form would cause existing information in Salesforce to be overwritten by the blank field. You now have the option of disabling this behavior, to ensure that existing information is not deleted.

To prevent existing data from being overwritten by blank fields, check the “Prevent overwrite with empty values on updates” box in the Salesforce version 2.0 connector.

Connector No Longer Stops at the First Object Creation Failure

Previously, if the connector was configured to create several Salesforce records, it would abort if one creation failed. For example, if a file attachment was mapped but not required, the connector would fail if no attachment was added by the respondent. Any remaining object creation would be skipped.
With this update, the connector will only skip dependent objects and  will attempt to create any other records defined in your mapping. Note that when the connector is set run in “Interactive” mode, the respondent would still see a message about the failed creation.
Thanks for your input regarding this new connector. We always love to hear from you, so feel free to leave a comment here, follow us on Twitter, or make a suggestion on our UserVoice forum.

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