Salesforce Connector Update: Interactive Error Reporting

This is a short announcement for a minor update to the Salesforce connector.
Until now, the connector could only run in the ‘background‘. Meaning that your Salesforce organization would be updated only after the user had been redirected to the ‘thank-you’ page.
The problem with this approach was that validation rules set in Salesforce would be applied too late. Any error could only be silently logged for the administrator to review.
With the new ‘interactive‘ mode, the connector now attempts to create the Salesforce records before sending the user to the ‘thank-you’ page. If an error occurs, the user is notified and given a chance to correct the data and resubmit the form.
Salesforce Connector Run Modes
Both modes are available for the time being.  If you are not sure which mode to choose, use the interactive mode. We like to keep things simple, so we will eventually remove the background option (unless we end up finding a good use case for it).
We have a lot more updates coming, so stay tuned!

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