Salesforce Connector Gets a Tune-Up

If you’re a Salesforce user, you may notice the connector looks different today! Here’s what’s new:

1. Better selection menus.

No more scrolling in a tiny box. The menu expands to fill your screen, so it’s much easier to see all of your options.
Don’t want to scroll? Just type what you’re looking for and jump to your options. So fast it’s like you’ve teleported.

Check out the object selection menu on the right.
It’s reeeeeeaally long. Say you wanna get to “Opportunity.” It seems far away.
But now you can just type “o” and —
Bam. You’re already there.

2. Copy mappings.

This is a huge time-saver if you’ve got many objects and many, many fields to cover. Just click the button at the bottom of an object to make a copy. It’ll pop up instantly.

3. Re-order objects.

Changed your mind about the object order? No problem — look for the reorder button at the bottom of the list, then just drag and drop. Ta-da.


4. Subtle design tweaks.

We’re constantly looking to improve usability. Most recently, we’ve cleaned up the interface. Buttons will appear if you move your cursor to edit an object, and they’ll disappear when you’re not using them. And more — go take a look!

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