What I’m Looking Forward to at NorCal Dreamin’ 2019

Jun 17, 2019 | Company Culture, Company News, Tips and Best Practices

If you’re rounding out your summer traveling with a trip to NorCal Dreamin’, one of many Salesforce community events this year, you have a lot to look forward to. These Salesforce events always feature great networking and learning opportunities, as well as interesting sponsors.

FormAssembly will be attending NorCal Dreamin’ June 27-28 as a sponsor, and we can’t wait to connect with you there. For a discount on a full conference pass, find an exclusive discount code on our site!

NorCal Dreamin Info & Discount Code

What to Look Forward to at NorCal Dreamin’

Like many Salesforce community events, there’s a considerable amount of excitement building up to NorCal Dreamin’. Not only are these events a place to build upon your existing Salesforce knowledge, but they’re also a chance to reconnect with and meet others in the Salesforce space.

Our team members attending NorCal Dreamin’ and several NorCal Dreamin’ founders share what they’re looking forward to at the event below:

“We’ve had groups come in where we’ve provided very little training, and they’re able to get their forms up and running That’s one of the things about higher education that’s really important. Especially in a decentralized environment, you want people to have some kind of ownership over a piece of the process, and this is an easy thing that they can own with minimal oversight from an administrator.”
—Naureen Hameed, Sr. Salesforce Systems Analyst, Tanium

“I’m most excited about continuing to be an evangelist of FormAssembly and learn what the current challenges are in the business landscape that we can help solve. Being a Salesforce user since the early days, I’m looking forward to the sessions to see what new things I can learn and adopt in our own environment.”
Kevin Hoyle, Account Executive, FormAssembly

“I’m excited about connecting with energetic thought leaders who want to improve lives through software.”
—Jon Cline, Business Architect, Product Owner, 7x Certified Salesforce Leader, DevPod.co


“I’m really, really looking forward to all the conversations with current (and future!) customers. I love working directly with our users, so stop by and tell me what you love/hate/need/want from FormAssembly.”
—Randall Ziman, UX Designer, FormAssembly (former employee)


“I am really excited to be able to mingle with the Ohana, and I am looking forward to learning about the new and exciting that the Platform has to offer.”
—Sebastian Kessel, CTO, theCodery

Dreamin’ Events: Networking and Knowledge

Salesforce community events like NorCal Dreamin’ frequently combine a social atmosphere with opportunities for growth and learning for a well-rounded conference experience. At NorCal’ Dreamin, the roster of events includes sessions like Salesforce Security: 7 Most Common Mistakes, 5 Quick Pardot Features You Are Overlooking, The Individual Object 101: Privacy & Consent Management, and many others throughout the day. Other events include a demo jam and keynote address.

Meet With FormAssembly at NorCal Dreamin’

NorCal Dreamin’ is right around the corner! When you’re planning out your day, don’t forget to add a stop by FormAssembly’s booth to chat with Kevin and Randall.

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