Watch Now: How to Improve Student Processes with Salesforce + Web Forms


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In this webinar, FormAssembly teamed up with the popular Salesforce blog Salesforce Ben to share three innovative ways that colleges and universities can use Salesforce-connected web forms. Read on for an overview or replay the webinar in full below.

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What you’ll learn

Is your institution of higher education taking the time to make sure that your interactions with students and prospective students are seamless throughout their journey? In this webinar, Lucy Mazalon, Editor of Salesforce Ben, and Nitika Gupta, FormAssembly Account Executive, drew from their varied experience within the higher education and Salesforce industries to expand on these three insightful FormAssembly + Salesforce use cases:

  • How to create custom buttons or list options (in Lightning) that pull up web forms, allowing you to quickly take notes from student calls
  • How to embed Salesforce-connected web forms directly into Salesforce Communities (now Salesforce Experience Cloud) for an integrated process
  • How to use web forms in Salesforce workflows to automatically send out a survey after closing a case

The three higher education use cases shared in this webinar will help you use FormAssembly and Salesforce to establish better relationships with students while eliminating tedious busywork for burdened staff members.

Key takeaways

As the higher education world becomes more focused on digital channels, we hope the information in this webinar is helpful to you!

Hundreds of schools use FormAssembly to streamline applications, recruitment, and other essential processes. If you’re ready to implement an all-in-one form builder and data collection platform at your college or university, learn more about FormAssembly for higher ed at the link below.

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