Salesforce and HTTP Connector Updates

We hope the new year has started well for everyone! We’ve made a few pertinent updates to two connectors this week.
In the Salesforce Connector (version 2), it is now possible to use multiple choice fields as a parameter in lookup and update queries. For instance, if your form contains a drop-down menu, named “Color” with the possible values “Red”, “Yellow” and “Blue”, you can now ask the connector to find a Salesforce record where the Color field matches the submitted value.  Moreover, you can map each option to a different value if needed  (if, say, ‘Blue’ actually corresponds to ‘Navy Blue’ in Salesforce).
We’ve also made a significant update to what was previously called the HTTP POST Connector. You’ll notice now, if you look at the “Connectors” panel, it’s now called simply “HTTP Connector.”
Updated Connectors
We changed the title because the connector can now handle both the POST and GET methods. POST is still the default setting, but GET is available in a dropdown selector.
In addition, when set in “Interactive” mode the connector will handle errors from the remote service as if they are form submission errors. The respondent will see the error message that the remote service returns.
We’re working on a separate post that includes an example of using the new GET capabilities of the HTTP Connector.
If you have any comments on these updates, we’d love to hear them! Leave a note below, throw us a tweet, or send us an email.

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