Roadmap Series May 2017: Print Layout Options and More

You asked, we answered. In this roadmap post we’ll go over a few upcoming and in progress developments to FormAssembly that benefit our users by making FormAssembly easier to use, more functional, and more secure. We also want to know your thoughts on a new feature we’re working on!

New Printing Layout Options

We’re working on expanding our print layout options to offer more customization. The new print layout options allow users to show or hide items for printing, including:

  • Only form fields – Checking this box excludes images and HTML content.
  • Notes – Notes on form responses can be added in the print preview page, saved, and printed.
  • Metadata – Checking this box include metadata such as when a form was submitted and how long it took the user to fill it out.
  • File list – Shows or doesn’t show attached files.
  • Log entries – Log entries show or hide information regarding the form submission details.
  • Page breaks – Adds or removes page breaks based on pages within the form.

Additionally, the print and response views will be merged with this change. Users will have the option to view one response at a time or select several to view at once.

A form response before and after selecting “Only form fields.” This form response also enables notes.


This feature is currently in QA Testing for a Q2 release.

Main Benefits

The print layout changes allow users to customize the response view and print format.
In the future we will work on allowing users to search the responses on the print layout as well.

Your Turn

We want your feedback. Does this print layout work for you and your organization? What other improvements or new options would you like to see? Let us know in the comments section.

Sensitive Data Management and Encryption Improvements

FormAssembly Release 5.2.0: Enterprise & Compliance Cloud 1/30/2019; Professional & Premier 1/8/2019 (Release Blog)
With new sensitive data management and encryption options, form creators will be able to flag sensitive fields in the Form Builder. Specifically, options for Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and Protected Health Information (PHI) will be added under field Options > Sensitive Data.
The information will be masked unless it is unlocked by an authorized user. The data can be unlocked by individual response or the entire report for a specific amount of time.

An image of redacted sensitive information in a FormAssembly report.

FormAssembly will also log the details of whenever data is unlocked and re-locked by a user, so that access to sensitive data is always documented.


We are currently wrapping up this feature for Q3.

Main Benefits

These data management and encryption improvements, available for Compliance Cloud plans only, enhance the protections already in place and further guard against unintended disclosure of sensitive information. The ability to view a history of when the data was unlocked and relocked helps to ensure that only authorized viewing is occurring and helps to maintain the least amount of access possible to PHI, PII, and other sensitive data.

A locked form response containing sensitive information.

We create additional stopgaps in the way information is handled to prevent accidental disclosure and privacy breaches. For example, email notifications containing sensitive data are not secure, and typically not encrypted. With the Sensitive Data feature, those values will be masked in any emails that are sent.

We Need Your Help: Workflows

We’re just starting to approach the idea of increasing workflow capabilities within FormAssembly involving multiple-user processes. We’re currently researching the need for the feature and gathering customer stories and use cases. How would your team benefit from the ability to have multiple users involved in a form workflow within FormAssembly? Any specific requests? Let us know in the comments below!
Share your thoughts on these features and how they would affect your organization in the comments below. Have another feature to suggest or a question about the ones we’ve discussed here? Feel free to share those as well.

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