Roadmap Post September 2018: Salesforce Dynamic Picklists & Sensitive Data Management


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This month, we’re excited to be close to releasing two high-value features that’ll make FormAssembly more useful and more secure for users. Read on for details about our new Salesforce Dynamic Picklists and the new Sensitive Data enhancements.

Salesforce Dynamic Picklists

FormAssembly Release 5.6.1: Enterprise & Compliance Cloud 11/15/2019; Professional & Premier 11/15/2019 
Plans: Enterprise Cloud and Compliance Cloud
This feature will allow you to include drop-down menus in your forms that pull options straight from Salesforce lookup results or a Salesforce picklist. Enterprise & Compliance Cloud admins will be able to control which users can and cannot use this feature.

Add dropdown menus that pull choices from Salesforce.

Salesforce Dynamic Picklists will allow you to quickly access the most up-to-date information and remove the burden of having to manage static datasets and re-upload them every time there is a change.

Map picklists in the Salesforce Prefill connector.

Sensitive Data Management

FormAssembly Release 5.2.0: Enterprise & Compliance Cloud 1/30/2019; Professional & Premier 1/8/2019 (Release Blog)
Plans: Compliance Cloud (some aspects available to Professional, Premier, and Enterprise Cloud)

“The need for secure data handling has never been greater. These powerful new features will empower our customers to achieve their mission while entrusting us to securely handle their data collection needs, be it personal information, health information, or payment information,” said Andy Hall, Application Security Engineer (former).

In June 2018, we added two new sensitive data types for all plans: Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and General Sensitive Data. This feature will add the Password sensitive data type for all plans, and Protected Health Information (PHI) for Compliance Cloud.

Mark data as sensitive in Form Builder 5.

For Compliance Cloud, this feature also enhances data governance and security. Administrators will now have granular control over which users can create and edit forms collecting specific types of sensitive data, and which users can view and edit responses with specific sensitive data types.
Sensitive data will be locked (masked) by default within responses and reports, and only accessible for specified lengths of time. Sensitive data will also be secured and masked in field aliases across Thank You pages, email notifications, and auto-responders.

A FormAssembly report with redacted information.
Unlock a single response.
An unmasked response shows example values.
See a log of sensitive data access.
Data is redacted in reports.
Unlock an entire report.
An unmasked report shows example values.

Access to sensitive data will be logged, and form creators will be able to view which sensitive data fields are sent through connectors, and when the sensitive data is sent.

How would you use these features? Let us know in the comments, and submit your own feature requests in the form linked on our roadmap page!

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