Roadmap Post January 2018: Salesforce v3 Connector

If you use FormAssembly, it’s pretty likely you also use or have used our Salesforce Connector. And why wouldn’t you? With a little set-up, you can easily create and update records in Salesforce and send data to any object, even custom ones. All in all, the Salesforce Connector makes data collection easier and keeps it in a centralized location.
Just because our Salesforce Connector is already awesome, doesn’t mean we’re done improving it. In 2018, get ready for version 3 of our Salesforce Connector. Here are the key details you’ll want to know:

What to Expect from the v3 Connector

The v3 Connector offers a new layout and features that enable easier and faster connector set-up. You’ll also be able to more easily create and comprehend your data flow as far as what records you’re creating or updating. Lastly, you’ll be able to more easily update your form so the data you’re collecting matches the data you need to send to Salesforce.

Key Features You’ll Love

  • Filter a list of Salesforce objects to show most commonly used objects.
  • Drag and drop objects into the connector.
  • Easier branch logic: Drag and drop to rearrange, copy, and branch connector steps.
  • Automatically add fields to your form without leaving the connector.
  • Smarter field mapping: auto-mapping and autocorrect when changes to Salesforce schema or the form are detected.
  • Search for Salesforce fields within the connector.
  • Add custom error messages.
  • Unify the look and functionality of the Salesforce Prefill Connector with the Salesforce (Submit) Connector.
  • Benefit from a more user-friendly layout.

Release Date: Look for the v3 Salesforce Connector in 2018!

Sneak Peak

Note: This video is a preview, and specific details may change when we officially release the v3 Connector.
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