Roadmap Post March 2018: Form Builder 5.0


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Disclaimer: As of June 2018, Form Builder 5.0 is the default version of the FormAssembly Form Builder. Visit the release blog post to learn about the Form Builder 5.0 improvements.

Whether you’ve been with FormAssembly since the beginning or you’ve newly joined the FormAssembly family, you should know this: we’re always improving. In June*, we’ll release our Form Builder 5.0. This iteration builds on elements you loved about previous versions and adds new features and improvements designed to help you more easily create even better, sleeker-looking forms than before.
Dive into the features and improvements that’ll impact your FormAssembly experience.

New Look and Feel for the Form Builder

  • A faster, cleaner interface
  • Ability to “Pin” the Add Content menu, making it faster to add content
  • The preview mode for desktop, tablet, and mobile buttons will be visible at top right, instead of being hidden in the dropdown menu
  • The Form Properties dropdown menu will be accessible in the sidebar, allowing easier editing
  • The Save button will indicate if there are unsaved changes

1 form builder 5

Completely Redesigned Theme Editor & Themes

  • The Theme Editor will be accessible directly in the Form Builder, so you can add content AND style your form in the same place
  • You’ll see new, easily customizable theme options
  • The Theme Editor will offer brand-new, easily customizable, modern themes that will make it easy to create a beautiful form in seconds
  • You’ll now have the ability to use Google Fonts in forms, moving beyond default Arial or Times New Roman

2 form builder 5
3 form builder 5

Drag-and-Drop Improvements

  • A drag-and-drop handle for selected content will make it easier to grab and move content
  • The editing toolbar will disappear when you are dragging to resize label and input fields, keeping it out of the way when you’re aligning fields
  • We’ve removed dragging and dropping to re-order multiple choices on the form (you can still re-order in the Edit Choices modal), to make it easier to move the entire question

Predefined Content Improvements

  • Predefined Content categories can be accessed as folders
  • You can view, add, and edit descriptions for predefined content
  • The new Form Builder will autocomplete existing categories when you save predefined content

4 form builder 5

Resize Label and Input Widths

  • You will be able to manually specify the width of labels and input fields in the Properties panel and also resize widths for dropdown menus and multiselect lists

Conditional Rules Editor

  • In Form Builder 5.0 you have the option to expand the Conditional Rules Editor to a larger view
  • The Conditional Rules Editor will also shows question labels for conditions you’ve set up and show the selected choice when you’re editing a condition
  • You will only be able to set up conditional rules on fields that appear after the conditional trigger

Enhanced Outline View

  • This view will show field aliases, so you can reference fields at a glance without leaving the Form Builder

5 form builder 5

Calculated Fields

  • The list of user-defined variables will show field aliases


  • Starting with Form Builder 5.0, Autosuggest will support up to 20 columns, so when you select a value from the Autosuggest options, it will prefill the corresponding fields
  • We have added column mapping so you will be able to create new fields or assign existing fields to multiple columns

Properties Sidebar

  • Checkboxes have been changed to toggles for field/form properties sidebar panels, so it’ll be easier to see at a glance whether an option is enabled or disabled
  • Sidebar panels will have information moved to tooltips, for a cleaner look

Multi-column Sections

  • Enabling multi-columns in sections will automatically create columns and titles

6 form builder 5

Changes to Preview Mode

  • You’ll be able to see Form Language applied in Preview mode
  • Dates with Calendar fields will work in Preview mode

In addition to these significant improvements, Form Builder 5.0 will give you the ability to copy entire pages of your form, directly edit the text of a repeating link in the form, specify URLs for images instead of uploading new images, and add placeholder text to multiline text areas.

Ready for Form Builder 5.0? You don’t have long to wait until the June release! What feature are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments!
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(Please Note: Form Builder 5.0 is still in development, so the previews above may differ slightly from the Form Builder version that will be available soon.)
*Release dates are subject to change.

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