Roadmap Post July 2017: Enhanced Sensitive Data Management and Encryption Release & More

If you’ve been following along with our Roadmap activities you’ll know that we just conducted our first Facebook Live broadcast July 10, going over the big product-related topics for this month. You can go back and watch the broadcast on our Facebook page. Feel free to leave any additional comments and questions you have, as we’ll answer them ASAP.

Enhanced Sensitive Data Management and Encryption for Compliance Cloud

FormAssembly Release 5.2.0: Enterprise & Compliance Cloud 1/30/2019; Professional & Premier 1/8/2019 (Release Blog)
The big announcement this month is the upcoming improvement to our sensitive data management and encryption for Compliance Cloud users. These improvements build upon our existing security measures and add additional safeguards to customer data.
Here are the highlights of these Compliance Cloud enhancements:

  • Form creators can flag new Sensitive Data fields: Currently, we have Sensitive Data settings for credit card numbers and credit card security codes. Now, you’ll be able to flag PHI (Protected Health Information), PII (Personally Identifiable Information), and Other.
  • PHI, PII, and Other data types will be locked (encrypted and masked) by default: Responses must be unlocked by the user in order to view the sensitive data, and those users must first have permissions enabled to view the sensitive data type. In addition to unlocking individual responses, users can also unlock entire reports and can specify a time when the unlocking should expire (between 5 minutes and 1 hour).
  • Further guards against unintended disclosure of data: FormAssembly will automatically record an access log of all users that unlock and relock sensitive data. Sensitive data will be masked in responses and field aliases (Thank You pages, email notifications, auto-responders, etc.).

If you’ve been looking forward to this feature for your Compliance Cloud account, you’ll be pleased to know we’re aiming to release these by the end of July.
Here are a few screenshots of the feature in action:

Configuring Sensitive Data

Unlocking a Report

Viewing Access Log

Ongoing Feature Updates

Theme Editor

FormAssembly Release 5.0.0: Professional & Premier 4/16/2018, Enterprise & Compliance Cloud 5/7/2018 (Release Notes)
Overview: We’re working on updating the look of the Theme Editor and making it easier to create more modern, sleek forms.
Stage: This improvement is still in the concepting stage. It won’t be out by the end of the year, but it’ll be a nice improvement to look forward to in 2018.
More Info: You can see screenshots of the prototype in our June edition of the roadmap series.


Overview: We’re working on expanding workflow capabilities to include multi-user processes within a FormAssembly form. For example, this could be useful for companies with approval processes for expenses or PTO, or for organizations with student and job applications.
Stage: We’re early in the design phase for this as well, but we’d love your feedback: What are your workflow needs? What functionality would be most useful for a single-form, multi-user workflow? Let us know in the comments section.

Responses View

We’re considering changes to the Responses view and print view for responses. Here’s where we’d love you to weigh in as well:

  • How could we improve the current response view?
  • What are your pain points?
  • What different layouts would you like to see for viewing a single response or multiple responses?
  • What printing options would you like to see?

As always, let us know your feedback and feature ideas in the comments below, and keep an eye out for future Facebook Live broadcasts!

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