December Roadmap Post 2018: Workflows Update

Over at FormAssembly, we’re wrapping up another great year and looking ahead to 2019. What’s one of the key features on tap for the new year? Workflows. Keep reading for the latest on this feature plus more exciting feature news.

The Latest on Workflows

As you may have read in previous posts, we were originally planning to start our workflow improvements with multi-user workflows. We have shifted our focus to releasing single-user workflows, including implementing a new UI and Workflows Connector that will seamlessly funnel data from one response to the next. Currently, single-user workflows are limited by using URL parameters.

After the release of single-user workflow improvements, we will shift to multi-user workflows.

Other Feature News

  • Sensitive Data: We are excited to be very close to releasing this feature. Read more in this recent roadmap post.
  • Restricting values for dynamic picklists and Autosuggest menus: This update will allow users to enable validation for dynamic picklists and Autosuggest menus, so respondents may only submit choices within the given options. We expect to release this improvement early 2019.

Your Turn

What features are top of mind for you? Let us know in the comments or by submitting a feature request.

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