Roadmap Post August 2017: Workflows Pilot Program & More

As we near the end of summer, our calendars are looking pretty packed. With our team reunion, Dreamforce 2017, and our ongoing work of making FormAssembly better for our users we have a lot left to finish!
Here are the big things on the Product team’s plate this month:

Workflows Pilot Program for Beta Testing & Feedback

You can read in past roadmap posts from May, June, and July about our planned improvements to the workflows feature slated for next year. The goal is to allow multiple users to be part of the same form workflow. To further our testing and feedback gathering efforts, we’re offering the Workflows Pilot Program, which allows users to give the upcoming multi-user workflows a try as the test version becomes available.
Sign up here to be a part of this program.

Theme Editor Update

FormAssembly Release 5.0.0: Professional & Premier 4/16/2018, Enterprise & Compliance Cloud 5/7/2018 (Release Notes)
Updates to our Theme Editor to bring it in line with the Form Builder are still in the design stage. At the moment we’re finalizing the user flow, and we welcome any feedback on the Theme Editor prototype screenshots we’ve posted in previous posts, as well as any comments on how you’d like to browse and select themes.
Here’s a new GIF showing some initial ideas about how the new Theme Editor will work (note that you’ll be able to customize themes without leaving the Form Builder).

Enhanced Sensitive Data Management and Encryption for Compliance Cloud

FormAssembly Release 5.2.0: Professional & Premier 1/8/2019, Enterprise & Compliance Cloud 1/30/2019 (Release Blog)
We had planned to be able to release the enhanced sensitive data management and encryption improvements for Compliance Cloud by the end of July, but that release has been delayed. We’ll keep you posted about the updated release, but in the meantime, know that we’re busy testing and working on this feature to make it better and more valuable to our customers.
As always, let us know your feedback and feature ideas in the comments below.

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