March Roadmap Post 2019: FormAssembly Dynamic Picklists Improvements

It’s finally spring! That means, for most, that it’s the season of remodeling, cleaning, organizing (Marie Kondo-style of course), and overall, taking a refreshed approach to life. On our product team, we’re doing something similar!

In October, we released Salesforce Dynamic Picklists, a powerful new feature of our Salesforce integration, to Enterprise and Compliance Cloud customers. As you might already know, FormAssembly Dynamic Picklists allows you to include dropdown menus in your FormAssembly forms with results pulled straight from Salesforce picklists or lookup results. While there are a lot of reasons to love the feature right now, we’re also focusing on improving the feature and closing functionality gaps to make it an even better, more useful tool for your organization.

Already we’ve released the ability to restrict values for Salesforce Dynamic Picklists and Autosuggest menus, and here are some of the other things we’re looking at improving over the next few months!

FormAssembly Release 5.6.1: Enterprise & Compliance Cloud 11/15/2019; Professional & Premier 11/15/2019  (Release Blog) (Release Notes)

1. Setting the Sort Order

This update will allow form creators to sort lists according to their needs. The sort options will include by creation date, modification date, and alphanumeric.

2. Icon Change

This small but helpful change will add a magnifying glass icon to Salesforce Dynamic Picklists in forms so that it’s clear to form respondents how to use the field.

3. Field Name Updates

With this update, once form creators update a previously mapped field’s label in the form builder they will see that change reflected in the connector configuration.

4. Combo Boxes for Save & Resume

With this update, dynamic picklists will not be shown to form respondents as text inputs when using Save & Resume and Review Before Submit, but instead will be represented accurately as drop-down menus including search (or, combo boxes).

5. Prefill Capabilities

With this planned improvement, form creators will be able to prefill values into restricted dynamic picklists if that value exists in the Salesforce picklist.

Ready to take a new look at Salesforce Dynamic Picklists? If you’re on an Enterprise or Compliance Cloud account, all you have to do is start using the feature! Get the step-by-step instructions in our help docs.

If you’re on a Professional or Premier plan and you’re thinking about upgrading for the feature (or if you’re not yet a FormAssembly user), reach out for a demo!

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