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We recently opened a Resource Center! Now you’ll find our documentation and Knowledge Base, plus guides, classes, and video tutorials all in one place. You can also suggest improvements and rate our help articles.
We wanted to make it easier to search through and browse articles, so we designed the menus to stay in place while you scroll.
Plus, you can now see when an article was last updated, and check out what’s new and most popular! You’ll see “New” and “Updated” buttons next to those posts.
You can also rate our articles, which is a quick and easy way to let us know how helpful the documentation is!
Ready to explore? You can quickly search our resources with the Help menu in FormAssembly.
Or, click here:


Note for Enterprise Users

To access Administrator documentation, please sign into FormAssembly Enterprise and visit the documentation through the Help menu. You’ll need to go through the menu in order to view any admin-only documentation.

FormAssembly Customer Success Team

Meet our amazing support team! If you ever need assistance with FormAssembly, you’ll be helped by Angel, Jeff, Freda, or another one of our awesome support reps! They’re also behind our Resource Center, and continually working to improve our help resources. Learn more about the Customer Success Team.

Resource Center Feedback

We’re always adding information and improving our step-by-step walkthroughs, so we’d love your feedback. If you have an idea of how we can make our resources better, please share with us! Tweet @FormAssembly or leave a comment here.

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