[Webinar Recap] 10 Tips for Successfully Transitioning to a Remote Work Environment


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We hope you were able to join our recent webinar, 10 Tips for Successfully Transitioning to a Remote Work Environment. With so many companies currently making the transition to remote work because of COVID-19, we put together some of our best remote work advice from 10+ years experience as a remote company.

If you missed the live broadcast, you can read on to get the overview or replay the recording in full below.

About our remote work culture

FormAssembly was built on a remote work philosophy, and our team has functioned successfully for several years with team members spread out all over the world. With this experience, our team members have gathered plenty of knowledge for how to make the remote life work for everyone involved. Learn more about FormAssembly’s remote work culture here.

Making the transition

If your company has never functioned as a fully remote team before, the transition might seem a little overwhelming. There’s a lot to figure out through this process, but there are several best practices you can follow that can help make things easier for you and your colleagues during this uncertain time.
In this webinar, Ashley McAlpin, FormAssembly VP of Marketing, and Joey Owens-Barham, FormAssembly Director of Talent and Culture, share 10 top tips to help companies transition to remote work, including:

  • How to streamline communication among your team when everyone works from home
  • Ways to make sure your company’s information and networks stay secure
  • How to build community and encourage teamwork in a non-office environment
  • Suggestions about technology you can use to keep your team connected

Key takeaways

The COVID-19 epidemic has forced many traditional in-office workplaces to make a quick switch to working remotely, and FormAssembly wants to help other companies through this major change as much as we can. We hope the tips provided in this webinar will help your team take on this challenge together.
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