Here’s What We’re Thankful for this Holiday Season

Nov 19, 2018 | Company Culture, Remote Work

Thanksgiving week is a great time to reflect on all the great things in our lives. At FormAssembly, we’re thankful for a lot, especially our remote workplace and the flexibility it brings to our lifestyles. From one team member to the next, we all have unique reasons for loving remote work. Read on for our team’s reflections on why we’re thankful for this work perk.

Ashley McAlpin

VP of Marketing

“You only get to live once, and I want to make the most out of that! Working remotely allows me to skip the commute, spend more time with my family, and prioritize my work life balance. I am forever thankful to FormAssembly for that!”

— Ashley McAlpin, VP of Marketing

Jen Capenito


“I am so thankful that I am able to be home for my kids when they get home from school. They may be older, but just to be home and present and available if needed means the world to me!”

— Jen Capenito, Customer Support Engineer

Steven Watkins

Marketing Automation Specialist

“I am thankful for remote work because it allows me to entirely enjoy the life I work hard to earn and grow instead of spending it on the road, where life is much more dangerous, or in the same building everyday. Too many folks work hard for a home and life they barely live in or enjoy.”

— Steven Watkins, Email Marketing Analyst

Alex Bariyev

Technical Product Manager

“I am thankful that my dogs are able to hang out with me all day long!”

— Alex Bariyev, Channel Solutions Engineer

Deborah Kim

Former Director of Product

“I’m thankful I can spend more time at home with my family, and less time on a long commute. I’m also grateful to work with awesome people every day — many of whom I never would have met at an on-site role!”

— Deborah Kim, Director of Product

Aaron Brigham


“I’m thankful for remote work because that means my work space is dog friendly, and who doesn’t like spending more time snuggling with dogs!”

— Aaron Brigham, Web Developer

Angel Speagle

Talent & Culture Coordinator

“I’m thankful that I can take my son to and from school every day and not put him in anyone else’s care when he’s out of school for holidays or workdays. I’m also thankful to save money on gas and lunches.”

— Angel Speagle, Training Coordinator

Andy Hall

Application Security Engineer

“I’m thankful for remote work because it affords me the flexibility to travel for the holiday season and still be able to be available for work when I’m needed. All I need is my laptop and an internet connection. Excursions/time off that may have been trickier to organize in a more traditional office setting are made more easily possible.”

— Andy Hall, Application Security Engineer (former) 

Hillary Walters

Partner and Customer Marketing Specialist

“I’m thankful for remote work because it offers the best of both worlds: working full-time for a great company while enjoying a significant amount of flexibility at home. I love that I can pick up and work from anywhere while staying connected to my team and our goals. I consider it an awesome opportunity to be a part of the future of work!”

— Hillary Walters, Content Writer

What are you thankful for this Thanksgiving? Let us know on Twitter @FormAssembly!

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