[eBook]: 22 Ways to Use FormAssembly for Remote Work Success


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This year, thousands of workers have had to transition to remote work quickly and unexpectedly. If you already work remotely, perhaps you’ve noticed a need to help your organization’s processes be more efficient. If either of these examples describe your situation, we have good news: better data processes and platforms can make life easier all around.

When you use a powerful data collection platform like FormAssembly, you can completely revolutionize both internal and external processes. In our latest eBook, we’re showcasing how our own team uses online forms on a daily basis to revamp common tasks. With web forms and better data collection, you can save time and increase productivity with tasks related to sales, marketing, human resources, and more.

To help you transform your own processes, we’re revealing 22 use cases that are sure to help you save time, effort, and resources. We know how powerful it can be to eliminate pain points with simplified form solutions, and we’re sharing those secrets to help you and your team excel.

What you’ll learn in the eBook

In 22 Ways to Use FormAssembly for Remote Work Success, you’ll learn from an industry leader in remote work culture about how to improve team and business processes. If you’ve been frustrated with outdated systems or if you’ve been challenged to make the leap to remote work in a pinch, this resource is for you!

Discover practical solutions such as:

  • How to implement web form processes to help your remote team succeed
  • How to use web forms to facilitate cross-departmental collaboration
  • How to create a thriving culture with more effective communication

About our remote work environment

FormAssembly was founded as a fully distributed and completely remote company. Our team now consists of 100+ talented individuals from around the globe, representing different cultures and nationalities and helping us reach more customers in every time zone.

With this eBook, you can get an inside look at how our team is able to save on overhead costs, live flexibly, and hire the best talent from around the world! We’re proud to be able to use our own product to achieve such incredible results.

The perfect resource for solving your internal data needs

With over 20 use case examples, screenshots, and practical ideas, this new eBook is an easy read that promises big results in your workplace, even as you work from home! When you’re ready to put these ideas in motion, grab a free 14-day trial of FormAssembly—no credit card required.

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