Getting into the Holiday Spirit on a Remote Team

Dec 20, 2018 | Company Culture, Remote Work

Happy Holidays! How does your in-office team celebrate the holidays? A Christmas party? A gift exchange? Holiday treats in the break room?

On a remote team, it’s not possible for all of us to get together in person to share some holiday cheer, so we do things a little differently. For several years running (2015, 2016, 2017), it’s been one of our remote work holiday traditions to hold a holiday gift exchange, where we anonymously gift our fellow teammates with all kinds of neat presents.

Take a look at the haul from this year!

Game On

Harris Zhang (former employee) and Ilyas Ashirov
They gifted each other the same thing: ping pong paddles! (Now taking bets on who will have the winningest 2019 season in the unofficial co-working space ping pong league.)

Asuka Goya, Customer Success Manager
This may be the year’s best gift.
Aaron Brigham, Web Developer
We see lots of game nights in Aaron’s future.

Andy Hall, Application Security Engineer (former employee)
On second thought, maybe we should all join forces with a team game night at the next team reunion.

Hygge, Anyone?

Ashley McAlpin, Director of Marketing
You can never have enough essential oils.

Hillary Sciscoe, Director of
Customer Success

This gift is a “hoot”! (Sorry, we can’t resist a good pun.)

Katrina Garza, Manager of
Customer Success

Style meets function in this awesome diffuser that Katrina received.

Adventure Awaits

Steven Watkins, Email Marketing Analyst
Steven expanded his outdoors supplies with a multi-tool and tent/hammock cover.

Bookworms, Unite!

Angel Speagle, Training Coordinator
The title says it all.
Paul Lazatin, Partner Account Manager
The books are great, but peep those Christmas decorations!

Deborah Kim, Former Director of Product
Secret Santa threw in a gift for Deborah’s Shiba Inu, Miso, too!

Maggie Tharp, Content Marketing Team Lead
The perfect book to curl up with by a fire.
Alex Bariyev, Solutions Engineer
In Alex’s own words: “I don’t know if you knew, but Nick Offerman is basically my hero.”

What’s Cookin’?

Randall Ziman, UX/UI Designer
A card-carrying member of Team Cast Iron.

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