A Very Remote Holiday Season


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A lot has changed for the FormAssembly team over the last 12 months. We grew to roughly 40 team members (with lots of that growth stemming from our support team), added new roles on our support and sales teams, completely redesigned our website, and more.
But as things change, they also stay the same. One thing we brought back this year is our remote Secret Santa gift exchange. This holiday tradition offers a fun way to get to know co-workers and receive some pretty cool gifts in the process. This year, gifts ranged from seasonal socks to in-depth non-fiction books.
Check out some of the awesome gift selfies we’ve been sharing with each other over the past few weeks and get a unique look at how our team celebrates the holidays.

Some received games…

Aaron Brigham, Web Developer, One Night Ultimate Werewolf

(former employee) Andy Hall, Software Developer, Tau Empire – Fire Warriors (former employee)

…Others got reading material…

(former employee) Deborah Kim, Director of Product, Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products, by Nir Eyal

(former employee) Jaret Manuel, Director of Business Development, Principles, by Ray Dalio

(former employee) Chima Ihekwoaba, Sales Development Manager, The Sentient Machine, by Amir Husain

…And still others expanded their music memorabilia collection.

Steven Watkins, Marketing Automation Specialist, Rush Memorabilia

Some gifts had a decidedly seasonal theme…

Hillary Sciscoe, Voice of Customer Product Analyst, Christmas Socks

… Some gifts were practical….

Ashley McAlpin, VP of Marketing, Lap Desk

(former employee) Brittany Arnett, Senior Product Manager, Sugar Pot

Katrina Garza, Director of Customer Success, Amazon Gift Card

…Some were crafty…

Maggie Tharp, Content Marketing Manager, Loom and Weaving Instructional Book

…And some were just plain fun.

Kari Shaevitz, Director of Finance, Joke Wine Glass

Angel Speagle, Training Coordinator, Decorative Owls

Asuka Goya, Product Manager, Unicorn Mug

Kevin Hoyle, Senior Enterprise Account Executive – Mid-Market, Whiskey Rocks

What do you think of our remote traditions? Let us know on Twitter, then learn more about these teammates and the rest of our team.

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