FormAssembly Redesign Beta


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It’s almost here!
We’ve been very busy with the FormAssembly redesign. The team has heard all your feedback, and we’ve been working to make the FormAssembly experience better for you. We’re mega excited to reveal it in 2016 — which is just around the corner!
To gear up for the big launch, we’re inviting a few select users to try out FormAssembly Gemini. It’s a beta, so you may run into a few glitches while we iron out the kinks.

How to Try the Redesign Beta

The redesign beta is available to everyone who’s using FormAssembly Basic, Professional, or Premier! Go to My Account to switch over.
We’ll be opening it to Enterprise users soon, so follow us here on the blog or @FormAssembly to stay up to date and find out when you’ll get access!

What’s Changed

Here’s a quick glance at everything we’ve changed:

  • Look & Feel: We’ve cleaned up and modernized the interface. It’s a fresh revamp that will look great on your Retina and 4K screens.
  • Reports: We’ve improved how you can create and edit reports. You can now drag and drop columns, filter results, and more!
  • Mobile Friendly: The Form Manager is now fully responsive, so you can access your form settings and responses right on your phone.

Why Gemini?

The name for the redesign is FormAssembly Gemini!
We named it after the Geminids, which are a meteor shower around this time of year. Plus, our redesign is a “twin” of the Salesforce Lightning framework, which we’re using in the new FormAssembly.

What’s Next

Every week leading up to the official release, we’ll post design insights and more info on what’s new. We’ll roll out the redesign in early January 2016, but you’ll be able to try the beta before then and let us know what you think!
If you choose not to switch to FormAssembly Gemini, you can still use the classic FormAssembly until March 1, 2016.
Thanks for reading — see you next week! In the meantime, reach out to us on Twitter @FormAssembly. We’d love to hear your feedback.

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