Receive Notification of Incidents Affecting Your Forms

In order to keep you updated on FormAssembly and make sure you get the most out of the service, we’ve added some new ways for you to stay connected.

New Notification Option

We’ve added a third notification option in “My Account” Preferences. You can now choose to receive notifications of problems with FormAssembly (such as any downtime) and any processing problems with your forms. This may be especially useful for Salesforce users, as it will notify you when your Salesforce password expires. The notification will allow you to immediately reset your password and resume processing of your forms. This notification option is off by default, but you can turn it on at any time by going to the “My Account” tab and selecting the Preferences tab.

Salesforce Connector Log Update

We’ve also updated the Salesforce Connector log to give you additional information about responses that fail for any reason. You can now click the “View Response” next to a failed response and, if needed, edit it. Once the source of the error has been addressed, simply click the “Resend” button to send the response to Salesforce.
We hope you’ll find this new feature helpful and that it will improve your experience with FormAssembly.

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