4 Reasons Higher Education Organizations Choose FormAssembly


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Educause is just around the corner and we can’t wait! Following our appearance at the Dreamforce 2016 Conference in San Francisco we’ll be exhibiting at Booth 1864 at Educause, which will be held October 25 through 28 in Anaheim, Calif.
If you’re heading to Educause, chances are your time is going to be pretty limited while you’re there. We’d love for you to stop by our booth, but we want to make sure you know why it’s worth your while.
To help you plan out your schedule, here are a few reasons that higher education organizations choose FormAssembly and why you might want to also.

1. You Can Say Goodbye to Paper Forms …

Just because you’re an established institute of higher learning doesn’t mean you have to be held hostage by antiquated methods of collecting information. If you’re still using paper forms, ask yourself whether you could collect the same information or complete the same task with a web form. Also, consider the time, paper resources and physical storage space you’d save if you switched away from a paper form solution.
Web forms aren’t just easier for the people that have to collect information, they’re also much simpler for the people that have to fill them out. Features like Save & Resume allow people to fill out forms on their own time, and prefill options do some of the work for them by filling in certain pieces of information you already have in your database.

2. … And Long Lines

Like we mentioned above, one of the benefits of web forms is that they can be self-paced and that people can fill them out just about anywhere. That means if people currently have to wait in lines to fill out and submit forms, you can cut down or reduce this with a web form alternative.
Need an example? Here’s a perfect one. Our client Dominican University used to use a paper form process for handing out parking permits to students. The process required Dominican University to process thousands of paper forms and often required students to wait in line for over an hour.
Doesn’t sound fun or productive, does it?
Working with FormAssembly, Dominican University moved to a better solution that allows students to enter their information through a web form, which is configured to send information directly to the school’s support team.
The result? A 1.5 hour wait to submit a parking permit request was reduced to 5 minutes max. (And, perhaps more importantly, no more paper forms.)
Here’s what Adam Smeets, Director of University Information Systems, had to say about the outcome and the positive feedback they received from students:
“We’re thrilled that they’re getting the information they need in a timely fashion resulting in faster, and accurate, decisions and outcomes,” Adam said.

3. We Help You Collect Information for Just About Any Purpose…

As a university or higher education nonprofit, you have to collect a lot of different information to continue providing your students and constituents with the services they expect, whether that’s the parking permit example above, student feedback forms, alumni donation forms, student recruiting forms or many, many other examples.
Here are a few use cases from our blog archives:

4. … And Send It Wherever You Need It to Go

Collecting information is only half the battle. To make a form solution truly useful, to make the most of your data, and to stay organized, you need to be able to send information into other systems you use and make it accessible to the people that need to use it.
FormAssembly has a wide range of integrations. Our most notable and complex one is with the popular CRM Salesforce, but we have a number of other integrations that might be useful to your business:

  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Google Docs
  • iATS
  • WordPress
  • Chargent

That’s just a few of our integrations. See the full list of integrations and features here.


Students are becoming more and more tech-savvy by the year, and they expect you to do the same. Replace outdated, inefficient paper form processes with web forms and reap the many benefits of our streamlined solution, from happier students, to savings in time and effort.
If any of these situations sound familiar to you and a FormAssembly solution sounds intriguing, stop by our booth at Educause. We can’t wait to meet you!
While you’re checking out event details on our landing page, sign up to get a T-shirt or download our useful ebook on web form design.

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