Quick Tip: Help out your form users by including contact info

So, you’ve built your form. Did you include contact information?
If you did, awesome! Your respondents will appreciate it.
If you didn’t, you might ask, “Eh? Why would I need to do that?”
Well, some of your form users might quit if they have questions and there’s no easy way to reach ya. They could get errors and not know what to do or who to ask. Some confused people will often turn to us — but we won’t be able to help them since we don’t have all the answers.
Luckily, you can make it easy for your form users. Just make sure to add the important details to the top or bottom of the form — like your name, email, phone number, Twitter account, or wherever they should contact you.
We also have a convenient Need assistance with this form? link that’s displayed at the bottom of your forms. If you want to show your contact info with this link, go to My Account ▸ Contact Information and scroll down to Public Contact Information (for your form users). You can fill out your info there!

Public Contact Info

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