Quick Tip: Add Icons to Question Labels

Labels with icons
We showed you how to add hints, but did ya know you can add icons to labels?
Icons can be incredibly useful in a label. A question mark, for example, signals a hint or a clue: “Just click me for help!”
You can also use icons to mark certain types of questions, like an envelope for email, or a phone for a number. (Looking for icons? Start here or here.)
Just follow these steps:

  1. Add the icon as an image anywhere in the form.
  2. Select and copy the icon to the clipboard (ctrl+c or cmd+c),
  3. Click on the text where you want to insert the icon (a field label or hint) to make the text editable.
  4. Paste the icon (ctrl+v or cmd+v).
  5. Time to clean up! Remove the image added in Step 1.

You can repeat Steps 3 and 4 as needed, if you want to use the same icon more than once. Happy iconing!

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