Product Updates & Bug Fixes: The Roadmap Series Evolves


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The FormAssembly Roadmap started with a regular blog series aimed at giving you insight into what features we’re working on and their progress. From there, we created a dedicated page with more information about how we use product feedback and who the people are that make up our hard working product team.
Our latest addition to the Roadmap page of our website is to add our FormAssembly release notes, which include product updates and information about bug fixes. You can find the most recent edition of these updates and navigate to older posts at the bottom of our Roadmap page.

Why the change? Just another way for you to gain greater transparency into the features we’re developing and improvements we’ve made to FormAssembly.
Keep an eye out for more changes to the page as we move toward developing the product feedback process and the roadmap page to make it more useful and interactive.

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