Product Update: New Form Builder Themes & Other Theme Updates


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Update: Default Theme

4/22/20: As of Wednesday, April 22, we have released a new default theme called Arctic Air for all our customers.

Existing Enterprise and Compliance Cloud accounts with customized defaults will not be affected. Check out this fresh new theme that provides a clean, modern look for our form creators to use as a blank canvas for building forms.

Update: Themes Retirement

3/23/20: The 2018 public themes have been retired.

Any live forms that use a retired theme will not be affected. Form creators will see a message in the form builder for those forms, noting the change and encouraging users to apply an active, current theme instead.

Learn more about theme retirement here.

FormAssembly is responsive to the evolving needs of our customers, and we’re always looking for new ways to make our product even better for you. In response to requests from our customers about enhancing our Theme Editor, we’ve developed several updates to improve the form customization process. Learn more about the updates below.

What’s changed

We have made several updates to FormAssembly themes to increase theme options and streamline the theme editing process. We’ve released two blank public themes, dark and light, and we have also released several new dark-based public themes. Here’s what you’ll see in the form builder:

Here’s a glimpse at two of our new dark public themes, Stormy Sea and Coffee House:

Additionally, we created a Simple non-styled theme that can be applied to your forms if you intend to embed them on a website and want them to inherit that styling.

We’ve also exposed the same 36 theme editing controls across all of our public themes to make the customization process more consistent from one theme to the next. Note any small inconsistencies are due to accessibility concerns. Overall, these more granular controls will help users create forms that more closely match their own brand guidelines. We have also rebuilt many of our public themes and made small visual updates to accommodate accessibility guidelines with them as well. Other small changes include retiring the Cotton Candy theme, and renaming the Demo theme to Hazy Lake.

We’ve established a new naming convention for themes as well. New themes versus existing public themes will be distinguishable by the addition of “2020” or “2018” in the theme name. In the coming weeks, we will be retiring public “2018” themes.

Need additional information about our theme editor? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Customer Success Team or visit our Resources library.

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