Product Releases: October 1 – October 21, 2020


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FormAssembly is always making efforts to improve our product to make it better for our customers. This month, we made some product improvements and fixes. This post provides an overview of the releases we made from October 1 to October 21, 2020.


  • Fixed an issue with the Google Sheets connector related to duplicate sheet names
    • Release Date: 10/2/20

  • Fixed the After Form Submitted Salesforce connector so that form creators do not see the connector run a step multiple times when the connector mapping contains an invalid formula
    • Release Date: 10/5/20

  • Removed Custom URL removal text in the Archive and Delete Modals for Professional and Premier users viewing the forms list
    • Release Date: 10/5/20

  • Added support for SAML aliases to work with multi-valued attributes
    • Release Date: 10/7/20

  • Fixed the ability to uncheck “Use custom Salesforce API Version” in the Salesforce connector
    • Release Date: 10/7/20

  • Added support for Salesforce objects with no Last Modified fields
    • Release Date: 10/7/20

  • Fixed an issue with Dates displaying correctly in the Activity log
    • Release Date: 10/7/20

  • Fixed an issue with pulling long lists of data extensions in the SFMC connector
    • Release Date: 10/7/20

  • Added ability for users with workflows to delete a workflow
    • Release Date: 10/8/20

  • Added ability for EC/CC instances to access templates in the Template Library
    • Release Date: 10/15/20

  • Added ability to view training templates in EC/CC Instances
    • Release Date: 10/20/20

  • Added ability for form creators to view the Conditional Rules Editor in full screen
    • Release Date: 10/20/20

If you have any questions about these updates or about FormAssembly in general, please check out our Resource Center or reach out to our Customer Success team.

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