Product Releases: August 20-September 9, 2020

FormAssembly is always making efforts to improve our product to make it better for our customers. Regularly, we compile a list of new product improvements and fixes. In this post, you’ll learn about the releases we made within August 20 to September 9, 2020.


  • Custom URL users will now see the drop-down menu for “Copy” and “Delete” options align to the left to match the Forms List.
    • Release Date: 8/31/20
  • Users viewing the Template Library empty state will now be directed to a new form URL.
    • Release Date: 8/31/20
  • Account admins will see changes recorded in the Activity Log and receive an email when their account role is changed.
    • Release Date: 8/31/20
  • A bug fix will allow users to resend the Signatory Verification Email and the Record Retrieval Email on forms configured with E-Signature along with some styling updates.
    • Release Date: 8/31/20

If you have any questions about these updates or about FormAssembly in general, please check out our Resource Center or reach out to our Customer Success team.

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