4 Ways FormAssembly’s Product & Engineering Team Uses FormAssembly


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How FormAssembly Uses FormAssembly Series

Learn how we use our own software! Follow along with our How FormAssembly Uses FormAssembly series for examples of how our growing team leverages customizable web forms across all departments.

Whether you call it dog-fooding or drinking your own champagne, many SaaS companies make a regular practice of using their own software to manage and streamline their work. At FormAssembly, our product and engineering team is a fantastic example of this phenomenon. Read on for examples of how they use FormAssembly’s web form and data collection tool to gather product feedback, solicit team temperature checks, and more.

1. Design Feedback Collection

During the product development process, we often gather feedback during internal design review sessions to make sure our designs and functionality make sense to members of our team. To this end, we use FormAssembly forms to collect design feedback during internal design reviews. The form shown below allows us to compile all the information to document any concerns or questions discussed during design reviews.

2. Quarterly Team Surveys

FormAssembly’s marketing team uses FormAssembly for external feedback, and our product and engineering team uses FormAssembly for internal feedback. We use our own software to power quarterly polls for employees to share their thoughts about the success of projects throughout the quarter, the efficacy of the team, and more.

3. Product & Engineering Sprint Review Feedback

At FormAssembly, we organize our development work into two-week sprints followed by sprint reviews. We may move fast, but we also make it a point to continually evaluate how well our processes are working. We use FormAssembly forms after each sprint review to make sure that these meetings continue to be helpful and informative.

4. Team Health Checks

Across all FormAssembly teams, we care deeply about the individual experience of each FormAssembly employee. On our product and engineering team, we keep a pulse on employee well-being through FormAssembly forms.

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