Press Release: FormAssembly Announces iOS Mobile Application, Offline Capabilities


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We are excited to announce that FormAssembly is now available as a mobile app for iPhones and iPads within the iOS App Store.
The addition of the mobile app gives existing FormAssembly customers on-the-go access to their forms, allowing customers to collect data—even while offline.
“We wanted to offer customers access to the tools they use to streamline their business processes, especially offline,” said FormAssembly CEO Cedric Savarese. “We knew that a number of our customers needed mobility, which is exactly what the mobile app provides.”
Customers are successfully using the FormAssembly mobile app to:

  • Collect registration information and track interest at events with their mobile devices
  • Collect data in remote areas with no Internet accessibility
  • Collect signatures

The mobile app brings complete mobility to your FormAssembly forms.
“I work with an organization in Darjeeling, India,” said Trish Perkins, Salesforce MVP & Certified Salesforce Administrator at WorldsTouch. “They have health workers who go into remote villages and into areas even close in to Darjeeling and weigh babies and record health issues. This would dramatically change the procedures of these health workers, make data entry into Salesforce so much easier, and, eventually, make it possible for them to reach the truly remote parts of the very mountainous countryside.”
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Ashley McAlpin
Ashley McAlpin
Ashley is VP of Marketing at FormAssembly. When she isn’t engulfed in all things marketing, Ashley loves hiking, kayaking, and spending time outdoors.

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