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Article: Automated Forms Can Help You Increase Efficiencies Across Businesses
Author: Cedric Savarese, Founder and CEO of FormAssembly
Website/Publication: MarTech Advisor     
Article Summary:
In this MarTech Advisor article, authored by FormAssembly’s Founder and CEO, Cedric Savarese, Cedric covers:

  • How implementing an automated web form solution can help enterprises save significant time and resources.
  • Real world examples of enterprises including Amazon, Aetna, and Polaris using an automated data collection and management solution to improve efficiencies.
  • What companies should look out for when choosing a web form solution.

The Highlights:
Cedric on using automated forms to save time, money, and strengthen security:
“To save valuable time and money and improve security, organizations should consider an advanced web form automation solution. These can be instrumental in implementing robust and flexible data collection processes, often in an order of magnitude faster than ad-hoc development projects. Such a solution can be a powerful tool for companies looking to easily ensure that their data collection is compliant with industry regulations and safeguard the valuable data they acquire.”
Cedric on choosing the right data collection and management solution:
“When choosing a form builder, find something that is plug and play, so that you can easily create multiple forms right from your browser and integrate them with key systems you use seamlessly, for instance, Salesforce, Google Apps or WordPress. Building something from scratch can be daunting and extremely time-consuming with the wrong tool”.
Cedric on security and compliance:
“Security and compliance are of utmost importance when dealing with sensitive and personally identifiable information. Find a solution that has strong security and privacy practices, supported by certifications and compliance with standards set by HIPAA, GDPR or PCI.”
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