Preparation Timeline: Chart Your Course for Dreamforce 2017

Heading to Dreamforce 2017? You’re in for the adventure of a lifetime.
Before you embark on your adventure, you have to make your game plan, chart your course, pack your supplies, and find out who your fellow travelers will be. Because attending a big conference (Think nearly 200k people!) takes focused and strategic planning, you’ll want to make sure you’re doing the right things to prepare at the right times.
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Packing Your Supplies

Intrepid conference-goers should understand the importance of bringing all the right gear so you can truly enjoy a conference. Here’s a quick checklist so you don’t forget any of these key (and uncommon) items.

  • Clothes: It’s important to project professionalism, but you also need clothes that will stand up to 10-12 hour days of walking, talking and networking. (And don’t forget about comfortable shoes – your feet will thank us.
  • Business cards & Business card holder: Make sure to bring extra business cards with you to leave at booths and hand out while you’re networking. Expect to be gathering a few business cards from others too, so have some way of carrying them around so they don’t get lost and torn at the bottom of your bag.
    Tote bag or backpack
  • Water bottle: Did we mention all the walking and talking you’ll be doing? Yeah, that can be dehydrating. Stay in peak condition by sipping water throughout the day.
  • Download the Dreamforce app: Every traveler needs a map and this trusty app offers just that.
    Cough drops: Talking all day can be rough on your vocal cords. Toss a pack of cough drops into your bag if your throat needs soothing.
  • Notepad or notepad app: Think you’ll just remember all that information you absorb in sessions, from speakers and in spontaneous conversations. Think again. With everything going on, you’ll need some way of taking notes so you don’t forget the important stuff.

2 Months Out

  • Book It: By now you probably already have your travel and transportation plan pretty much figured out. Lodging for Dreamforce fills up quickly, and waiting too long to book is risky.
  • Think on Your Feet: It’s important to dress comfortably and professionally at conferences, but when you’re going to spend so much time walking, the right shoes are key. They should be comfortable (that’s a no-brainer) but also help you make an impression.
  • Scope out Attendees: Everything is more fun when you get to share the experience with friends and colleagues. Find out who you know that’s going so you can start planning social activities and meetups.
  • Start networking: Reach out to people you don’t know, too. Conferences are a great way to meet people, and you can easily find out who’s going and whether you have similar interests with some quick Twitter research and by searching for posts with the Dreamforce hashtag: #DF17 (and don’t forget our FormAssembly hashtag: #Dreamforms17, we are giving away some awesome swag so follow along!).
  • Prepare Your Work Team: Start planning for who will cover your duties while you’re gone or how you’ll balance work and conference activities. This might require rescheduling meetings or doing minimal training to get people up to speed.

1 Month Out

  • Create a Game Plan: By this point, you should have access to a conference agenda, including what’s happening and when. Use this to map out what sessions and events you can’t miss. But make sure to leave room for unexpected happenings, social time, and rest (you may need it!).
  • Keep Connecting: Those friends and other attendees you’ve already ID-ed? Make sure you’re continuously engaging with them on social networks!
  • Set Your (Networking) Dates: Now might also be a good time to set up any meetings you know you want to have with other attendees. Reach out, make the connection, and get those meetings on your calendar.

1 Week Out

  • Get Packed & Get Excited: Woohoo! You’re almost there! Time to start packing your suitcase. Don’t forget those professional/comfortable clothes and shoes, extra business cards, a water bottle, and cough drops (too much talking can leave you feeling hoarse).
  • Sew Up Loose Ends: Your team should be aware of how to handle your absence, but now’s a good time to wrap up any last-minute work projects.
  • Set Communication Expectations: Don’t forget to also tell your team how they can contact you if needed and what times you’ll be unavailable, such as planned meetings or air travel.
  • Do a Little Meal Planning: Everyone’s gotta eat! Make sure to make any dinner reservations you need to ahead of time at one of San Francisco many awesome restaurants.
  • Get the App: Did you know there’s a Dreamforce app? Don’t forget to download it for the conference and use it to register for sessions.

1 Day Before

  • Set Your OOO: As a final step to make sure work carries on smoothly without you, setup your vacation responder to let people know where you are, and what to do if they need answers fast.

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Happy conference planning!

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