PayPal Payments: Export your Payment Receipts & Other Updates

We have an update to the PayPal connector for you today. We added one important feature, squeezed a minor one for advanced users and tweaked a few things here and there to make it easier and faster to set up your form and collect payments with PayPal.

Export Your Payment Receipts

The payment details are now included in the standard export (CSV/Excel) so you can easily see who paid you and who submitted an order without completing the payment.

Note: If you already have a form set up, you will need to save your connector settings one more time to enable this feature. No other change is needed. Payment details already received will be available for export.

Custom IPN Processing

You now have the option to send the PayPal Payment Notification (IPN) to an address of your choice (where you can do your own custom processing). This is an optional feature intended for users with a more complex payment flow.  Other users can safely disregard this option.

Other changes

Unit Price and Quantity fields now accept formulas. We also refreshed the design a bit and fixed some usability issues to help you get your setup right the first time.
Note that these changes do not affect your existing forms and connector settings. If you’re already using the PayPal connector to process payments, your form will continue to work as usual.
We love to get your feedback, so let us know what you think, here in the comments, in a tweet, or send us an email. Cheers!

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