[Webinar Recap] Nonprofit Partner Webinar with Vera Solutions and World Education


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FormAssembly recently hosted the second installment in our partner webinar series, Improving Supply Chain Efficiency to Deliver Quality Education, with Vera Solutions and World Education. This partner webinar provides insight into how global nonprofits use FormAssembly to impact the communities they serve.

If you missed the live broadcast or just want to get a refresher, read on for a recap of the webinar and replay the full recording below.

About Vera Solutions + World Education

Vera Solutions, a mission-driven organization that provides data solutions for global change, supports World Education, an international nonprofit organization that works to improve the lives of the poor through education. Because access to educational materials can be limited in developing countries like Cambodia, World Education and Vera Solutions work together on supply chain management strategies to simplify textbook distribution in these countries.

Where FormAssembly comes in

To distribute textbooks, Vera Solutions and World Education use Track and Trace technology with FormAssembly web forms. This innovative solution enables textbook distributors to track the ordering and distribution of books and supplies, while providing visibility into the distribution process.

Before this technology was implemented, school directors had to use paper forms and complicated formulas to predict book needs. This process was time consuming and left room for error, and there was no way to track distribution in real time.

Now, the organizations use FormAssembly’s Salesforce-connected web forms to create and keep track of book requests, book delivery confirmations, and more. School directors submit data through forms, and an advanced algorithm helps project future textbook needs. All of this information is available immediately in Salesforce, so everyone involved can stay updated on the distribution process. Because this technology has been so successful in Cambodia, the Cambodian government decided to implement the process nationwide, expanding reach from 400 to 9,000 schools.

Key takeaways

Global nonprofit organizations can amplify their impact with technology, just like Vera Solutions and World Education have done with FormAssembly. This unique use case is just an example of one of the many ways that nonprofits can use technology like FormAssembly to impact the lives of thousands of people. Learn more about FormAssembly for nonprofits here.

FormAssembly partners like Vera Solutions receive helpful resources and personalized support in addition to the best data collection platform available. If you’d like to become a FormAssembly partner, please contact us at [email protected]

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