Our Snazzy New Explainer Video

Watch our new video right here:

The creative process was fun and involved (Lots of meetings and careful pickin’ at details!). We wanted to explain what we do and how we can help ya, and to showcase FormAssembly’s friendly nature — in about one minute.
So, the team brainstormed. Here’s a peek at the initial storyboards:

Early Storyboards by Xin

We were up against the challenge of keeping it short and interesting, so I kicked off the project with a script, then cut it down with the team. After editorial discussions and revisions, we decided to leave out:

  • The feature list. Originally, we wanted to mention at least a couple features, like custom branding and conditional logic, but we didn’t think it would make a big impact, or show much about FormAssembly, in such a compact space.
  • A list of the different kinds of companies and organizations who use FormAssembly. Instead, we covered it with the headline “The Form Builder for Everyone” and a map showing that we’ve got awesome customers (like you!) all over the world.
  • Tons of screenshots. They’re more useful on the Tour and in a tutorial — but can get pretty boring in a video where you don’t need things step-by-step.

And instead, we focused on:

  • The story. A guy who realizes that making online forms from scratch isn’t that easy — as you or your busy IT staff might know.
  • The assembly line! You’ll see how fast you can roll out forms.
  • Two quick examples of common use-cases: A contact form and a job application. And you can see our drag-and-drop functionality, thanks to the helpful robot arm.
  • Our most popular integrations, with apps you already use.

With those key points in mind, our UX Wizard and Designer, Xin, created the illustrations (and we also included Kurtis‘s artwork of the assembly line).
And, finally, the awesome Demo Duck team brought it all to life. Their animation and sound design pulled everything together and gave it that extra spark.
We hope you like it! Let us know your thoughts — leave a comment, tweet @FormAssembly, or email us!

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