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This is guest post by ScheduleOnce. ScheduleOnce is an end-to-end solution for scheduling with prospects and customers through all phases of the customer lifecycle. We connect with all major calendar platforms and provide feature-rich integrations with CRMs, web conferencing systems, and other online channels. Regardless of business type or industry, ScheduleOnce allows prospects and customers to professionally engage with businesses at a time that works for everyone. Users report an up to 3x increase in conversion rates, up to 2x acceleration in time-to-engagement, and up to 50% time savings.
Web forms are the holy grail in lead generation. They are great for capturing data, and to make them even more effective, you can provide incentives for leads to share their information. One method is to offer leads who fill out your form a direct path to connect with your team via online scheduling.
Online scheduling is an ideal method for engaging your leads when their interest is high. You can seamlessly integrate online scheduling with your web form and allow leads to choose when to be contacted upon submitting your form. Leads who schedule with you will essentially qualify themselves by showing you they are serious about their interest in your product or service.
Here are some of the top benefits of using online scheduling to engage leads who fill out your web forms.

Immediately Engage Top Leads

Asking the right questions on your web form helps you qualify your leads and identify your top prospects. Based on form submission, you can segment your leads and offer scheduling only to your top prospects. For example, you may want to offer scheduling only to leads from companies with at least 50 employees. This ensures that top leads will have direct access to your team. Leads who are offered online scheduling will be able to simply pick a time to speak with one of your team members, without providing any additional information.

Improve Contact Rates

Upon scheduling an appointment, leads receive an email confirmation and an event is added to their calendar. This ensures commitment from your leads, and that the meeting details will be readily available. Following this, the lead receives email and SMS reminders, eliminating no-shows and resulting in contact rates of up to 80%.

Sync With Your Lead Generation Processes

Scheduling is just one piece of your lead generation process. By integrating online scheduling with your CRM, your process will stay intact. Leads who fill out your web form will be created or updated in your CRM. The contact’s details are then passed to your scheduling page, allowing the lead to schedule without providing any information you already have. Upon scheduling, an activity is automatically created in the CRM record, ensuring that your CRM is up-to-date with booking activities.
Engaging your web form fillers with online scheduling can be a game changer for your lead generation activities. You will be able to better engage website visitors, accelerate time-to-engagement, and generate higher quality leads.
Interested in learning more? Watch this video on ScheduleOnce for lead generation, and signup for our webinar, co-hosted by ScheduleOnce and FormAssembly: “Engage Web Form Fillers With Online Scheduling”

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