5 Event Forms You Could Build With FormAssembly


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In 2019, we’re showcasing how FormAssembly is unlimited in every way, and that extends to our events!

We’re attending more events than ever this year, and you can learn about all our travels on our Events page.

With events on the mind, we wanted to showcase a few ways FormAssembly can be used for events, whether you’re a host, sponsor, or attendee.

1. Event Registration Form

Every event needs an online event registration form, whether it’s a smaller Dreamin’ event or Dreamforce itself. With FormAssembly, you can easily create simple or complex registration forms that can collect payments from attendees and be embedded on your site or landing page for a smooth user experience.

2. Sponsor Booking Form

Need to sign up sponsors for your event? A booking form for event organizers can be used to gather sponsor information, plus any file uploads you require, such as a sponsor logo for your event website and program. In the same way, you could use a form to gather speaker information and presentation abstracts. Gathering this information with a web form instead of through email or some other method keeps everything organized and allows you to sync information to Salesforce and other systems.

3. Contest Entry

Holding a contest at your event booth? You could gather business cards, or you could take information through a web form. Entrant information can sync to Salesforce, and picking a winner is that much easier when you can see all the entrants in one place. Additionally, if you wanted to follow up with non-winners, their information could be synced with Pardot for effortless communication.

4. Event Landing Pages

If you’re attending an event as a sponsor, you may want to publish a landing page beforehand to let your contacts know you’ll be attending. You can use a web form on your landing page for a variety of purposes, from demo requests to trial signups. Like we mentioned above, FormAssembly forms are easy to work into the design of a web page.

5. Travel Booking Form

If you’re attending an event, a great way for you to coordinate the trip internally is to use a travel booking form. Set this form up for your HR department, and you’ll be giving them an easy way to keep track of not only your travel request, but that of your fellow employees, too. Responses can easily be synced to a spreadsheet, and forms can be secured with respondent authentication so only company employees can access them.

Whether you need an online event registration form or booking form for event organizers, you can create them with FormAssembly. Try it for free today!

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