November News on FormAssembly


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Here’s an update on what we added to FormAssembly in the last couple months. We continue to work hard to make FormAssembly more useful and easier to use, so we hope you’ll enjoy these new features and keep sending us your feedback.

  • Share your forms and data with other FormAssembly users.
  • Personalize your “Thank-You” messages and emails with form data.
  • Use dynamic redirection and messages.
  • Export your uploaded files in one batch.
  • Import a form from a Salesforce sandbox organization.
  • Get better W3C standard compliance for your web forms.

Share your form and data (professional plan only):
This feature allows you to share your forms with your colleagues or customers. Permissions can be set on a form-by-form basis and allow access to the submitted responses and/or form editing.
For detailed instructions, go to:
Use formula-driven redirection and messages (professional plan only):
FormAssembly now includes a Excel-like formula engine. Formulas can be used to script the behavior of many form properties, like the address the visitor is redirected to, or the content of the emails.
For more information, visit our documentation:
Personalize your “Thank-You” messages and emails with form data (professional plan only) :
You can now reference any form field in the email or messages templates, using the Alias syntax. For instance, you could start your auto-responder with: Dear %%tfa_salutation%% %%tfa_lastname%%, ...
This will be translated to ‘Dear Mr. Smith,’ or ‘Dear Ms. John’ as the email is sent out.
The detailed instructions are here:

Export your uploaded files in one batch (paying plans only):
You can now conveniently get all your files in one zip file. Go to the ‘Responses’ tab, then ‘Export’ and select the ‘Attachments’ option.
Import a form from a Salesforce sandbox (professional plan only) :
We extended the support for the Salesforce sandbox to the ‘import’ feature. Check the ‘sandbox’ box when providing your credentials to import a form from a Salesforce sandbox organization.
W3C Standard-compliance improvement:
We fixed some validation issues with the markup generated by the Form Builder and added a clean up routine to make sure that the HTML you add to your forms remains valid.
That’s it for today.  There are still a lot of other things going on, so I hope to post another update before long.

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