November Improvements

We often receive requests and suggestions for improvements, and once in a while, we actually manage to implement and release them! Here is what’s fresh and new on

Prefill your Web Form Dynamically

You can now dynamically assign a value to any field in your form by adding specific parameters to the link that points to your form. To find the exact syntax for your form, login to your account, go to “My Forms” and click on the form you need to set up. This opens the form properties panel on the right-hand side. In the “Display & Processing” tab, click the “Show how to prefill form data dynamically” link.
Here’s an example to dynamically set the first and last name fields to ‘John Doe’:

This information is also available in the Online Documentation, accessible from the “Support” tab.

Download files without login in

You can now allow the recipient of the notification to download the files that were submitted with your form without requiring a login. To do so, simply add the %%UNPROTECTED_FILE_LIST%% alias to your custom notification template. The files can be downloaded only using the specially crafted links included in the email. Use this option cautiously though, anyone who has access to the email will be able to download the corresponding files.

Excel/CSV Export Format Change for Repeated fields

When exporting data from a form with a repeated section, the additional data is now displayed on a different lines to better indicate separate information.
Here’s an example: This registration form contains a “repeatable” attendee section so that more than one person can be registered if needed. When exporting to Excel, the data will now looks like this:
Exporting a Repeated Section to Excel
By the way, you can also prefill repeated sections. Here’s another example:[0]=John&tfa_LastName[0]=Doe&tfa_FirstName[1]=Johnna&tfa_LastName[1]=Doe&tfa_5047186866457[0]-RC=1

This might look a bit obscure, but you can find more information in the Online Documentation.

There’s more news for Salesforce users on our Professional Plan, but that will be the subject of a separate post.
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