Explore Web Form Styling Options with the Theme Editor


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Nifty Ways to Style Your Form with the Theme Editor

Did you know that there are many ways to change the look of your web forms? If you need a customized feel, FormAssembly has you covered! Learn more about how you can tweak the organization and appearance of your forms to accomplish the exact style you need.

Web Form Styling with Theme Builder 2.0

With the updated Theme Builder 2.0, you can now make adjustments to themes without ever leaving the Form Builder. To begin using the new editor, click the Themes button from the top Form Builder menu.

When it comes to web form styling, you have options for private and public themes, and you can add several customizations. For all private and public themes, you can apply the existing theme immediately to your form or customize the theme even further. (Be sure to check out the help documentation for what specific options are available to different plan levels.)

FormAssembly provides several pre-built themes for you to choose from as you consider which web form styling approach is right for you. When creating a new form, click through each theme and hit Apply to see how various style elements are changed.

With Theme Editor 2.0, you can adjust colors and other settings to match your own branding. Add logos, alter background colors, adjust fonts and text sizes, and more. There are unlimited possibilities for how to make each form your own.

Making Custom Adjustments

In Theme Editor 2.0, you have the ability to customize all theme elements. While some components are not available within every theme, you have more control over important design aspects than ever before. Here are several of the tweaks you can now make within the Theme Editor:

  • Background Color: Changes the color around the edge of the form.

  • Primary Color: Changes the Submit button and the Next/Previous Page buttons.
  • Hover Color: Changes color of the Submit and Next/Previous Page buttons when the respondent hovers the mouse over them.
  • Label Color: Alters the color of the text in your field labels.
  • Font: Provides a drop-down menu to make font selections.
  • Font Size: Increases or decreases the form’s overall font size.
  • Title Opacity: Adjusts the transparency/opacity of the title using a slider.
  • Form Padding: Adds or removes space from the sides of the form.
  • Content Spacing: Adds or removes margins between fields and form elements.
  • Preview Error Messages: Allows you to preview all error messages within the form.

If the changes to the Theme Editor have you feeling creative, find out everything you need to know about creating your own themes for FormAssembly.

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