New Webinars: Open House and Form Building 201

FormAssembly Webinar Series
We’ve got a new Open House webinar to cover a different FormAssembly feature each month! We’ll start with a quick 10-minute demo of the feature, and then open the floor for your questions. You’re welcome to ask about anything related to FormAssembly.
Our first Open House is this week! Join us on Thursday, November 21, 2013 to learn about Aliases.
You can also sign up for upcoming Open Houses on Styling and Prefilling.
Want a more guided tour of the Form Builder? In another new webinar, Form Building 201, we’ll show you some advanced features like calculations, prefilling, working with multiple forms, and how to customize your form. The next Form Building 201 will be on February 14, 2014. Register now!
P.S. If you’re looking for other topics, you can suggest a webinar or schedule a custom training session.

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