New Version of Form Builder Launches

Disclaimer: As of June 2018, Form Builder 5.0 is the default version of the FormAssembly Form Builder. Visit the release blog post to learn about the Form Builder 5.0 improvements.

Based on feedback from the user experience survey we blogged about last week and the UserVoice forum, we’re rolling out a new version of the Form Builder.

Usability and Appearance Updates

You’ll probably notice that we’ve updated the look of the application and added a new button on the toolbar: “New Page.” The multi-page functionality has always been there, but we made it easier to use. This will enable you to quickly add new pages to your form.


The Outline and Properties tabs have been fine-tuned to be easier to use in a number of small but important ways. In addition, if you would like to keep the preview visible when editing your form, you can now check the “show only one tab at a time” box.

Default Selection for Multiple Choice Questions

One oft-requested feature that we’ve implemented is the ability to define a default choice in a multiple choice list. You’ll now see a checkbox or radio button–depending on the type of multiple choice list you’re making–that allows you to denote one or more selections as the default.

Custom Predefined Elements

If you have sections that you want use on multiple forms, you may find the ability to create and save your own predefined elements helpful. To do this, simply create the section you use frequently and in the “predefined element…” dropdown list, select “Create new from selection.” You can delete and edit custom sections by selecting “Manage predefined elements” from the same dropdown. The new predefined element will then be available for use in other forms.

Custom Validation and Error Messages

Many of you asked about adding the ability to change the error messages that appear when a respondent does not enter an answer into a required field or enters an answer in the wrong format. You can now use regular expressions to define the correct format for a free-text response and the message you would like your respondent to see. To learn about regular expressions, click here.
Thanks for all your input via the survey and the UserVoice forum. We’ve got more updates in the pipeline, so check back in the next few weeks.

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