New Updates to The Form Builder

Disclaimer: As of June 2018, Form Builder 5.0 is the default version of the FormAssembly Form Builder. Visit the release blog post to learn about the Form Builder 5.0 improvements.

Based on our latest round of usability tests, we’ve made a number of updates to the Form Builder. We hope these updates will be improvements that increase your efficiency and enjoyment when working with FormAssembly.

Design Improvements

Improved Layout for Error Messages

Error messages are now more consistently laid out and we added separate messages to differentiate between required sections and required fields.


Previous Validation Error Layout

Previous Validation Error Layout


New Validation Error Layout

New Validation Error Layout

iPad-friendly Layout

We’ve started taking a closer look at mobile use, and made an iPad-designated stylesheet that makes web forms more usable on the iPad. In particular, selection inputs (radio buttons, checkboxes, and dropdown menus) are bigger in this version of the stylesheet to accommodate touch input.

Usability Improvements


Undo and Redo are now available in the Form Builder. You can use this feature via a button on the toolbar.

Improved Preview

The preview now automatically scrolls to make sure that the element you’re editing is visible. If the element you’re editing is on a different page, the preview will also jump to that page. Changes are also briefly highlighted by a fading yellow bar. In our tests, we found that new users have difficulty noticing that the preview updates whenever changes are made to the Outline or other panels.
The outline and the preview now have independent scroll bars. While many of you may not need this feature, it should be particularly helpful for our users with long and complex forms.

Improved Multiple-Choice Creation

We’ve implemented a small change to multiple choice question creation that may be a big time saver. Instead of clicking the “add another choice” button, you can now simply hit the “enter” key after you’ve typed the label for a choice. This will automatically create a new choice below the previous one. Less switching between mouse and keyboard should decrease your form creation time, in some cases dramatically.

Other Updates

We’ve made a few other small changes, too. The Outline is now color-coded to help differentiate between different levels and types of elements. You may also notice a few changes to the dialog boxes. In general, we hope you don’t notice these changes too much, as we don’t want them to interfere with your use of the application. Our hope is that they only make it easier for you. Let us know what you think about the changes by leaving a comment here, in the forum, or via Twitter. If you have suggestions for future improvements, let us know at the UserVoice Forum.

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